Welcome to our website.  Please take the time to browse around and see what we do.  We also are on Facebook , and would be very happy to see you there as a Kalamkari 'friend.'

We are a group of textile artists who studied with Dundee College's Department of Art  Design.  We are 'Kalamkari' because this is the name of the particular style and techique used in parts of India to decorate clothes and wall-hangings. We all use textile art techniques which are very close to the traditional Indian techniques - dyeing with natural vegetable or mineral colours, soaking, bleaching, hand-drawing and block-printing, painting and using coloured pencils, often taking several days to complete the drawing and colouring process before working up the designs into textile form.  Additionally the strong historical link between Dundee and India through the jute industry, and jute being a fibre used in some of our work, led to the name 'KALAMKARI.' 


Our work encompasses a wide and very individual range of contemporary textile art techniques, from the use of found objects, fabrics which have been 'distressed' through burying in different soils, the building in of natural sources such as shells and twigs, the application of computer manipulation to photographs taken by the designer, burning, manipulating fabrics and handmade papers, bleaching, and developing traditional textile art areas such as nuno felting and batik.  However, we like to combine the most intricate of traditional stitchery within our contemporary approach.